About - Searchlight Minerals
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Reclaiming Valuable Metals from the Clarkdale Slag

Searchlight Minerals is focused on reclaiming a number of valuable metals, primarily from its Clarkdale Slag Project in Clarkdale, Arizona. Using a proprietary process, Searchlight is able to separate valuable metals including gold, high-quality pig iron, and zinc oxide from the 20-million-ton slag pile left from the United Verde Copper Mine in Jerome, Arizona.


Through the use of induction melting, Searchlight is able to separate out pig iron of 95% or greater purity from the Clarkdale slag creating a “glass” with residual gold trapped inside from the slag. By further processing this residual glass, Searchlight is also able to produce gold. The gold, pig iron, and zinc oxide produced during the process can all be monetized making the Clarkdale Slag Project a valuable asset for the Company.

Left: 1950s historical photo of the United Verde Copper Mine Right: Searchlight Minerals Processing Facility 2018