Searchlight Minerals

Searchlight Mineral’s primary asset is the Clarkdale Slag Project. The 20-million-ton slag pile contains an estimated 0.2 to 0.4 ounces per ton (o.p.t.) of gold, 33% high-quality pig iron, and 2.5% zinc, which translates into approximately 5% zinc oxide through the use of the Company’s proprietary process. The Company has thoroughly researched the most economical way to produce the precious and base metals present in the Clarkdale Slag Project and has found that, by using induction melting, it is possible to produce high-quality pig iron, zinc oxide, and a residual “glass” which contains gold in commercially viable quantities.


The Company’s operations and asset are located on a major rail-line offering direct access to buyers around the world. The Clarkdale Slag Project also enjoys the advantage of sitting at the surface, removing the need to mine below the subsurface to capture the mineral value located there. This combination of a high-quality asset, a specialized process, and a logistically-advantaged location provides the basis for a unique opportunity in the mining industry.

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